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The minimum age to rent a car is 21 years across UAE. However, it can also depend on car rental companies. While some may rent a car to individuals over 23 years of age, some even rent out to 18-year individuals. At Drift Car Rental you can rent a car if your above 21 years of age.

The actual cost of any car is based on the make, model, and variant of the car for rent in Dubai, and the number of days for which the car is being rented. For instance, average cost of a Hyundai Accent starts from AED 120 per day (AED 2040 per month). Whereas, cost for a luxury car rental, such as Mercedes Benz averages AED 2000 (AED 45000 per month).

Browse for the latest rental car offers on Drift Car Rental. Chat onsite with the chat assistant, or message/call directly on WhatsApp or phone. Ask for the required car, send the documents required, and await the delivery of your car, all at your convenience.

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