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Drift Car Rental Service

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The Drift car rental is an appropriate place to minister your needs. Our quality line-up of fleet certifies that every objective and budget is accomplished.

Our utmost goal is your satisfaction therefore Drift Car Rental endeavour services to make your rental experience accessible and pleasant.

  • Youngest fleet: We offer new and ideally maintained automobiles.
  • Delivery and collection: Keeping in view the time and traffic we offer a door to door to service.
  • ABS and airbags: Our fleet comprise the finest cars and expect nothing less when it comes to our customer safety.
  • 24/7 roadside assistance: At the time of operational difficulty or sudden emergency, with Roadside Assistance, you will get swift, decisive emergency road assistance service.
  • Comprehensive insurance: Our fleet is comprehensively insured for your satisfaction and safety.

We practice exclusively in long and short term rentals. If you are looking for a plan that is accommodating and economical to get on the road, With Drift Car Rental, you can make a choice from our full range of cars, with no deposit and no other commitments and gimmicks. We present three rental program which follows;

  1. The daily service plan
  2. The weekly service plan
  3. The monthly service plan

You can contact us between 9:00am – 9:00pm online or we are just a call away. It will be our privilege to assist you with premium service to accommodate your needs.

Drift Rental- Something More Than a Rent a Car in Dubai Firm

A sprawling city-state that is an international finance and commercial hub as well as a popular tourist destination, Dubai is a popular destination for ambitious businesspersons, high-flying executives, tourists, as well as family vacationers. Whatever the reason for your visit, you will need a reliable and convenient option for in-city traveling during your trip.

Planning a busy day in Dubai with multiple meetings with potential clients in different parts of the city can be a veritable nightmare if you don’t have a comfortable vehicle at your disposal. Why spoil your family vacation by wasting time searching for taxis?

Rent a Car in Dubai

Rent a car at Dubai airport to enjoy access to your own vehicle from the moment you land. No question of being late for meetings or making your family wait as you search for a taxi to take you to your next destination!

The car you drive makes a huge impact on your image. With the option of renting popular models made by reputed brands, we help you make a great first impression on your potential clients. Instead of asking your family to adjust in poorly-maintained taxis, you can drive them around in Dubai in luxury hatchbacks and premium sedans. We offer well-maintained cars with the latest safety and convenience features for a truly comfortable ride during your stay in Dubai.

Choosing a car rental in Dubai is an important decision. Make the wrong choice and you may end up with a smelly, badly-maintained, clunky automobile that breaks down frequently. The right service provider for car hire in Dubai will help you zoom around the city checking out its various attractions at your convenience without any worries about reaching your hotel back on time.

The shopping capital of the world, Dubai has more than 70 shopping malls, including the biggest one in the world. Finalizing a cheap rent-a-car in Dubai deal that allows you access to a car from the moment you land in Dubai will help you have a blast with your family without having to worry about transportation and other issues.

We offer long-term car rental in Dubai for customers who are planning to stay in the city for an extended period of time. Instead of buying a used-car for your 2-3 year stay in Dubai, simply opt for our affordable monthly service plan to gain access to a classy car for your business and private use throughout your stay.

For short-term visitors, our daily or weekly plans allow you to plan one-day business trips or vacation trips spanning over a few days with the guarantee of having a personal transportation option during your stay in the city.

At Drift Car Rental, we strive to provide extraordinary service to our customers. We offer 24×7 road assistance for those facing operational issues or any other emergency when traveling within Dubai. You will never be alone in the big city. We make quick alternative arrangements to help you proceed ahead with your schedule without any hassles whatsoever.

From a range of quality well-maintained automobiles with comprehensive insurance to customer-friendly options like multiple service plans, instant roadside assistance, and  easy delivery and collection options, Drift Car Rental looks forward to helping you and your family enjoy your trip to Dubai to the fullest.

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